What is PhD about and what skill a good PhD should hold?

What is PhD about?
PhD is the postgraduate academic degree involving three or more years of extensive and novel research on a specific topic/area. The curriculum, rules and regulations of awarding PhD degree vary from country to country, university to university and from discipline to discipline. For successful completion of PhD, the student must have to submit a project, thesis or dissertation of original academic research and / or defend his / her work before the examiners. After completing all required formalities that lead to degree, he / she is awarded the PhD degree. The individual who earned the doctorate degree can either use the title of “Doctor” with his/her name or use post-nominal letters “PhD” or “DPhil”.

What skill do you think a good PhD holder should have?
A PhD holder should have following skills.

  • Should be able to conduct research independently.
  • Should have the ability to solve complex problems by dividing them in simpler one
  • Should be well focused, motivated and self-starter.
  • Should have good project management skills.
  • Possess the capability of critical thinking and logical reasoning.
  • Should be an expert of a specific domain.
  • Should be able to work as individual as well in a team.
  • Should have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Should be able to handle environment and resolve conflicts.
    How do you think you can attain this skill?

For attaining above mentioned skills, I need to nurture my skills as detailed.

  • Curiosity is an important capability which a researcher should have. I am naturally curious and trying to boost this capability by in-depth learning and literature review.
  • The problem solving skills can be attained by understanding the problem domain, decomposing complex problems into simpler one and by developing its mathematical model.
  • The good oral and written communication skills can be attained through publications, through peer review process, public speaking and conferences/seminars presentations.
  • Working in collaboration and publishing in collaboration will be helpful to attain capability of working in a team.
  • Self-belief and self-starting capability will enhance capability to work as an independently.
  • For attaining logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, I need to be very clear and accurate about problem domain, logical and fair.

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