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Strings in Python (Part II)

A segment of a string is called a slice. Selecting a slice is similar to selecting a character: >>> s = 'Monty Python' >>> print s[0:5] Monty >>> print s[6:13] Python If you omit the first index (before the colon), the slice starts at the beginning of the string. If you omit the second index, the

Strings in Java

Strings Representing a set of characters altogether, ¬†we can define the data type String is used. For example, Following line declares and initialize a String has an initial value “Welcome to Java” String str = "Welcome to Java"; String is predefined java class same like System, Scanner etc. String is not a primitive data type

MySql – search and replace a string in a column

If we and to search some specific string inside our column data and replace it with other string then we can use replace query of MySql. Suppose table name is ‘users’ and we want to search city column with a value ‘London’ and replace it with ‘New York’ update users set city = replace(city, 'London',