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Reading data from multiple COM serial ports part II

Remain part of reading data from multiple serial ports is as follows. Handler.h file #include "SerialCom.h" class Handler { private: CSerialCom port; BYTE data; DWORD BaudRate; BYTE byteSize; DWORD fparity; BYTE parity; BYTE stopBit; public: Handler(void); void setPortDetail(DWORD BaudRate,BYTE byteSize,DWORD fparity,BYTE parity, BYTE stopBit); void COMListen(); void listenCOM(); ~Handler(void); }; Handler.cpp class #include "Handler.h" #include

Linux – SSH using Terminal via Port

If we have to connect to a remote server using SSH then we can do it using following command. Suppose we have remote server IP as and username as root ssh root@ If we need to specify some port then we can do as under. suppose our port number is 2233 ssh -p 2233