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SepiaToned and Posterized Pictures

Make a Sepia Toned Picture We have discussed a lot about color changing and altering pictures. Let’s start with bit more sophisticated color swapping. We can look for a range of colors and can replace them with some other colors or computed values of original colors. Results are very interesting. For example, Older prints sometimes

Manipulating Pictures in Java- I

As we know, pictures are very popular media, used for communication purposes. To understand picture manipulation, you must be familiar with java arrays, metrics, pixels, colors and type of images used to store and display. You are also require to read my previous article written about bookClasses from here. An interface describing digital picture with

Customize and use BookClasses in eclipse

If you are familiar with eclipse and don’t want to use DrJava. Follow the below mentioned steps to setup eclipse environment to use same examples in eclipse. Download BookClasses from following link. Once downloaded, unzip into a folder. Create new project in eclipse. I assume you are familiar with eclipse environment Include given folder