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Threads in Java – Part I

Overview of Threads Software applications are single / multi threaded. A traditional or heavyweight process has a single thread of control. A process with multiple threads of control can perform more tasks at a time. Modern software packages are multi threaded. Such as a browser might have one thread to display text or images while

Inter process Communication using Bounding Buffer

Cooperating processes in operating system commonly shares information with other processes executing in the system. It has several reasons to provide an environment that allows process cooperation. Such as Information Sharing Computation Speedup Modularity In this article, we are sharing an example code of bounding buffer commonly used in operating systems. Bounding Buffer Interface package

Run another application from Java

It is possible in java to run another application by calling exec method on Runtime object or using process builder class. This tutorial illustrates three examples, first will open calculator application and will close it after three seconds. The second example will run another Java process and read the output and error streams from that

Export 3D model in PLY file format

To import PLY files visit my previous article from this link. Today i am just presenting how to write data in PLY file format.  Keep in mind i am using jME 3.0. Mesh object contains a 3D object details.  Below is very simple code. import; import; import; import java.nio.FloatBuffer; import util.Log; import

3D Human Avatar

I am working on a 3D human avatar project using JME 3 (java 3D rendering / gaming engine). At the moment, i imported ogre 3D model and just re-sizing human avatar using skinning information. Further developments i will share with here shortly. Watch this video.

Fundamentals of Android application development part 2

Fundamentals of Android application development part 2 In one of  previous post we looked at android application development part 1.  In this article we will explore android platform fundamental application development components in more details. User Interface Layout User Interface Layout  are specified in XML files.  Some tools allow use to create the application layout

Association in java classes

Association : Association is a general binary relationship that describes an activity between two classes. For example, a student taking a course is an association between the Student class and the Course class, and a faculty member teaching a course is an association between the Faculty class and the Course class. The following Student1 class

Set Java Class Path and Run from Command Prompt

Why do you need ? If you are interested to run your java programs manually by writing code in notepad then you are required to configure java CLASSPATH. Java run time environment needs to know the path of your code and additional libraries required to run the program successfully. To specify the path of your