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Association in java classes

Association : Association is a general binary relationship that describes an activity between two classes. For example, a student taking a course is an association between the Student class and the Course class, and a faculty member teaching a course is an association between the Faculty class and the Course class. The following Student1 class

Modifier in java

Visibility Modifier Default : By defualt the class, data fields or variables and methods can accessed by any other class from the same package. Public :  class, data fields and methods are accessible to any class in any package Private : data fields and methods are accessible within declaring class Protected : A protected data or

Define Classes and Objects in Java

This tutorial will help you to define your own classes, including a set of data fields, methods, constructors, using classes by creating objects and invoke methods. Class A class describes the structure and behavior of similar objects. It is also described as a blue print, pattern, generalized , template and description of an realword object. once

Method Overloading in Java

When two or more then two methods sharing same name within the same class, having different type of parameters or different number of parameters. This is known as method overloading. public class MethodOverload { public static void main(String args) { System.out.println("The sum of 10 and 20 " + sum(10, 20)); System.out.println("The sum of 10.0 and