Popular Pedestrian Detection Datasets

I was working on a project for human detection. I spent couple of hours to find suitbale datasets and sahring most popular and useful datasets one can use in for further experiments.

  1. INRIA Person Dataset
  2. Caltech Pedestrian Detection Benchmark
  3. MIT Pedestrian Dataset
  4. UJ Pedestrian Dataset for human detection
  5. Daimler Pedestrian Classification Benchmark Dataset
  6. CASIA Gait Database
  7. Omnidirectional and panoramic image dataset (with annotations) to be used for human and car detection
  8. Discovering Groups of People in Images
  9. BIWI Walking Pedestrians (EWAP)
  10. CDnet Dataset for pedestrian and change detection
  11. Hyunggi pedestrian dataset
  12. Penn-Fudan Database for Pedestrian Detection
  13. Berkeley urban street pedestrian dataset
  14. HDA person dataset – ISR Lisbon
  15. WWW pedestrian crowd dataset
  16. KTH multiview football dataset
  17. TUGRAZ ICG long term pedestrian dataset
  18. Mall pedestrian data set
  19. People in WBCN
  20. BIWI pedestrian
  21. PSU HUB
  22. PETA dataset