How to setup eclipse for java

How to setup eclipse for java

Installing eclipse require’s few easy steps. Eclipse is a java based application and requires Java run time environment (JRE) to run it.

Installing JVM

Download java development kit (JDK) or java run time environment (JRE) from here to install java virtual machine (JVM). A Java 6 JRE/JDK is recommended for Eclipse 4.3. Locate the appropriate JRE for your system and accept the term of services. Once you downloaded the file, find the downloaded file and double click to run. Once the installation completed successfully, you can proceed to download eclipse as given in step below.

Download eclipse

Download eclipse from here.  Locate the downloaded file (i.e .zip or tar.gz ) and decompress the file in your drive of your choice (e.g. “c:\Eclipse” on Windows). Find eclipse.exe file from extracted folder. Eclipse will start configuring default (e.g. “C:\Users\username\workspace”) workspace. Eclipse stores your projects in a workspace. You can create more workspaces as you like. Soon after you will see a welcome screen and you can start writing java basic programs. 

Extending eclipse

Eclipse offers a variety of  features of add in your eclipse environment. Use the Help > Install new software.. option to add new Kelper features to your eclipse environment.  Additionally vast variety of eclipse extensions provided by eclipse community and ecosystem via (Help > Eclipse Marketplace). 



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