Futuristic Projects Ideas

One can work on any of the following projects. Many of these ideas have already been implemented in real world scenario but one could find the different way to implement much more smartly.

Smart traffic signals to optimize traffic flow to reduce congestion

This project aims at building a system for equitable distribution of traffic signal (green / red) at road crossing and junctions, to minimize the stay of vehicles at crossings.

Driving Support Systems

Using optical distance sensors (such as Lidar-Lite) to alert driver when

  • The vehicle in the front applies brake suddenly
  • The driver is approaching the vehicle in front too fast
  • The vehicle behind is tail gaiting etc.

Home security alarm system (Requires purchase of a sensors)

Many companies in the west are offering smart security system and related services along with a monthly fee. They provide safety locks, cameras, fire alarms, cctv cameras, smart alert system and phone connection. It alerts the central security station to intervene. Such system still have many limitations.

Precision agricultural irrigation for water conservation (Requires purchase of a sensor)

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) technologies create an opportunity for farmers to adapt and vary how their water is applied spatially. This will help them to:

  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased Profitability.
  • Enhanced Sustainability.
  • Better Harvestability.
  • Increased Land Values.
  • Higher Resolutions Understanding of Your Farm.
  • Better In season Yield Understanding.

Waste Management – Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimize trash collection routes

This will reduce the number of staff and vehicles allocated for waste collection, and make the city cleaner. This is much needed work. Even developed countries haven’t optimized garbage collection services.

Common destination based Convoy formation of vehicles for better traffic management and road safety 

This is a futuristic proposed project for smart driver-less car that focuses on formation of convoys of smart cars heading towards a common destination at any particular time such as all smart cars heading towards a specific area such as university, work place and shopping. It is also applicable in areas where security risk increases.

Semantically searchable digital newspaper

This project propose a digital newspaper that enables semantic searches through its content. Example queries may be “Number of road accidents between 7 am and 9 am” or “News relating to the month of June”…

Let’s eat together 

This project propose a mobile application to reduce food wastage. A subscriber to application may invite another subscriber in vicinity to share the food ordered. The application can be used for philanthropy/charity to share food with people who do not afford it.

Reducing electricity consumption – smart office

Using presence, temperature, photosensitive sensors etc., the control of lighting and air-conditioning in the office can be automated to save energy.


Remote liquid storage management – Monitoring of water, oil and gas levels


Vehicle Auto-diagnosis – Information collection from CanBus to send real time alarms to emergencies or provide advice to drivers

Animal Tracking – Monitoring animal’s location grazing in open pastures

Besides keeping track of animals, it can prevent accidents caused by animals such as camels on the road.

Detection of water leakages, monitoring its consumption for conservation (Requires purchase of a sensor)

Early detection of forest fires

Smart indoor parking (for example at malls) (Requires purchase of a sensor)

Smart outdoor parking guide using webcam

Remote monitoring of patients

Alert generation and visualization of “Critical Patient’s Vitals” like pulse, oxygen in blood (SPO2), airflow (breathing), body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, galvanic skin response (GSR – sweating), blood pressure (sphygmomanometer), patient position (accelerometer) and muscle/electromyography sensor (EMG) (Requires purchase of a sensor)

Human face detection and recognition in a picture or video

Smart video player

The user can decide to see selective segments of a video. For example, one might want to see only the parts where a human object is visible – or the segments where natural scenery is filmed etc. The video player would display a text summary of next few minutes and give an option of forwarding to the scenes of user’s interest.

Abnormal event detection in a video

Comparing with normal activity at a certain time and location, any abnormal event can be detected from live feed of the scene.

Intelligent advertisement system for TV

Depending on the audience, the commercials can be changed. For examples, some ads may be targeted for youth, others for older populations, and the rest for young mothers.

Image in-painting in multi-exposure photography

Several shots of a scene taken at different exposure time can be merged to obtain a single high dynamic range image. Any movements across different images can be compensated using in-painting techniques, which can re-construct the occluded parts.

Smooth image superimposition

The user can superimpose his picture one any desired background using any image-editing tool, however matching the lighting and shadows is a challenge. This project is aimed at matching the lighting conditions of two images before superimposing one on the other, to produce natural looking results.


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