Easy_Install python on Windows 10

Easy Install is a python module bundled with setuptool which lets you automatically download, build, install, and manage Python packages. This small tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to install easy_install/ setuptools on windows and make your life easier on to install different python packages using command prompt.

  1. Goto https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable
  2. Click on Installation.webpage
  3. Right Click on get-pip.py file and click on save as.webpage-2

(Note: You can save the file where ever you like for me i saved the file on drive D: as i have installed my python on D:

4. Once the file is saved open Command Prompt (CMD).

5. Navigate to where you have saved your file (for me D:\>)

6. Type the command D:\> python get-pip.py (The installation with start after the command)



7. Once the installation is complete your command prompt will look like something like this.

Installation Complete

Installation Complete

8. The command will install pip, setup tools and wheel as well or if your already have installed any of these, the command will simply update/ skip to that module.

9. The last thing is to edit the system path.

10. Goto system by right click on start button.

11. Click on Advance System Settings.

System settings-1

12. Click on Environment variable.

System settings-2

13. Click on path variable and click on Edit.

System settings-3


14. Click on New button and add the following path.

System settings-4

(Note: Check the path on your system where your Python is installed)

15. Once done click on OK on all the open screens, then open your Command Prompt again (CMD).

16. The last step is to check the installation for that run the following command on your CMD D:\> pip  and hit enter

Installation Check

Installation Check

Congratulations you have successfully installed Easy Install tools on your system.