Get rid from DNSUnlocker Malware

I tried many softwares such as AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes, and Hitman Pro, windows defender, populare adds blocker softwares etc. to get rid from DNSUnlocker malware. Unfortunately after some time, adds and popups problem back. Finally, i stopped trying different softwares and start searching alternative way to get rid from DNSUnlocker malware. Here are the steps, i followed to remove it from my PC and it is working fine for me.

Step 1. Go to control panel and find any suspicious software you never installed. If you found any than uninstall it. Otherwise run window in safe mode and repeat the same process. In my case i found some mistyrious softwares installed on my computer.
Step 2. Go to Windows installation directory and find suspicious / unwanted directories and remove them
Step 3. Go to your browser and uninstall any suspicious or unwanted plugins from your browsers and reset them. If you can’t see them than try window safe mode and most probably you will find unwanted / suspicious softwares.

If you do not see any suspicious program in you control panel or you can’t uninstall it. DNSUnlocker use random names that is bit tricky for some users. Don’t worry just follow next steps. You can stop it by changing DNS settings.

Step 4. Change your DNS settings. DNSUnlocker had modified your DNS settings. Go to Control Panel->Network Sharing Center->Change Adapter Settings and right click on you active internet connection and click properties.

Step 5. Find and select / highlight internet protocal version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
Setp 6. Click on properties
Step 7. Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”. Most probably malware changed your DNS server setting if “Use the following DNS server addresses” option is selected and in Preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server are set to something.

Once you are done with this, go back to your browsers and reset their settings.