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linux operating system boot process

Boot process of an operating system such as Linux consists of steps that starts from pressing the switch on button to see a fully functional and operational. 1. BIOS When an x86 based Linux system is switched on a number of step are performed. BIOS initializes the hardware and checks keyboard, mouse and main memory,

Different file systems supported by Linux

To understand file systems in Linux, we first need to know what is a Partition,  A partition is a logical part of a disk. A file system is a method of finding / storing files on hard disk. Following file systems are supported by linux. Conventional disk filesystems: ext2, ext3, ext4, XFS, Btrfs, JFS, NTFS, etc.

Linux OS basic terminologies

Basic Linux OS Terminologies Kernel Kernel is the software that acts as brain  in Linux. It controls the hardware and hardware is able to interact with applications. Linux kernel archives can be found at website. Boot Loader Boot Loader is a program that boots the operation system. Examples of  boot loader and GRUB and

Linux – Remove a directory with all files

In Linux if we need to remove a directory it can be done using command rmdir dirname But if directory is not empty then system will through an error. rmdir scripts This error comes up: rmdir: failed to remove `scripts’: Directory not empty To remove a directory that is full with other files or directories,

Linux – basic commands

Linux is the most used Operating System for servers and the feature that is most fascinating is Command Line. Command Line is a program that is used to run commands and system interpret these commands. Here are some beginner commands that a new Linux user can use in his learning. In Linux file name and

Linux – SSH using Terminal via Port

If we have to connect to a remote server using SSH then we can do it using following command. Suppose we have remote server IP as and username as root ssh root@ If we need to specify some port then we can do as under. suppose our port number is 2233 ssh -p 2233