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How to work with gradients in CSS3

How to work with gradients in CSS3 CSS3 gradients are used to display smooth transitions between two or more colors. Images were used earlier to display effects, but now in CSS3 we can use gradients. Gradients  save bandwidth and load time. In a previous tutorial you learned about CSS3 Pseudo classes. In this tutorial we

HTML5 – building offline applications

HTML5 – building offline applications In this article we will explore HTML5 offline applications. What are HTML5 offline applications? For a typical web application we need connectivity. Webpage is server to the user, user does something and interact with the site or page and further requests or round trips to and from the server to

css3 UI pseudo classes

css3 UI pseudo classes In previous article we looked in to the css3 attribute selectors , and in this article we will explore css3 UI pseudo classes, We can select elements based on selectors and attributes but we can also select  elements based on element’s Current State. For Example :enabled :disabled :checked Example <style> <input[type

css3 attribute selectors

css3 attribute selectors In previous article in this series we looked in to css selectors. HTML elements can have attributes and in CSS3 we can use these attributes to select elements.  The [attribute] in an  element is used to select elements with a specific element. So element[attribute] Select element containing the named attribute. img[alt] The

css3 selectors

css3 selectors In this articles we are going to discuss css3 selectors.  Consider following code snippet. <ul> <li id="myID" class= 'myClass'>item 1</li> <li class="myclass">item 2</li> <li>item 3</li> </ul> We can select elements with three types of element selectors. #myID /* Using ID */ .myClass /* Using class name */ li /* Using tag name */

HTML5 – How to access and take picture using Camera API

HTML5 – How to access and take picture using Camera API HTML5 has introduced some great features and APIs.  One of the APIs is  getUserMedia API. This API provide access to the Camera. To make this API work we have to do simple JavaScript with HTML5. Here is a simple HTML5 code structure that you

HTML5 translate and download attribute for href

HTML5 translate and download attribute for href In previous article on HTML5 new elements  we discussed HTML5 details and summary elements. In this article we will discuss HTML5 translate and download attribute for href. These are new attributes. HTML5 Translate Attribute HTML5 introduces a new attribute “translate”.  This attribute is used to restrict the impact

HTML5 time and mark elements

HTML5 time and mark elements In previous  article details and summary elements were discussed. Now we are going to look into time and mark elements. The <time> element Time element is useful for marking a time or duration in an HTML page.  The part with in <time> and </time> is readable by Humans and datetime

HTML5 new features introduction – part2

 HTML5 new features introduction – part2 In  last article we looked HTML5 new features introduction, In this and coming  articles we will explore HTML5 new articles in more detail. If you are already familiar with Web development then you may have worked on “Accordian”. Accordian are the panels that are used to display collapse able content

HTML5 new features introduction

HTML5 new features In this article we will look into new features in HTML5.  HTML is now more simpler then before and there are number of improvements in it like New doctype definition; The “type” attribute of elements such as <link> or <script> are now  optional; The syntax constraints that have been relaxed; New structural