Adaptive TVI Tone-mapping Algorithm

High dynamic range (HDR) images require tone-mapping to be displayed properly on lower dynamic range (LDR) devices. Adaptive TVI Tone-mapping (or ATT) algorithm uses histogram of luminance to construct a look-up table (LUT) for tone-mapping. Characteristics of the human visual system (HVS) are used to give more importance to visually distinguishable intensities while constructing the histogram bins. The method begins with constructing a histogram of the luminance channel, using bins that are perceived to be uniformly spaced by the HVS. Next, a refinement step is used which removes the pixels from the bins that are indistinguishable by the HVS. Finally, the available display levels are distributed among the bins proportionate to the pixels counts thus giving due consideration to the visual contribution of each bin in the image. Matlab code of the ATT algorithm is given here. ATT_MATLAB_Code

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