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HTML5 new features introduction – part2

 HTML5 new features introduction – part2 In  last article we looked HTML5 new features introduction, In this and coming  articles we will explore HTML5 new articles in more detail. If you are already familiar with Web development then you may have worked on “Accordian”. Accordian are the panels that are used to display collapse able content

HTML5 new features introduction

HTML5 new features In this article we will look into new features in HTML5.  HTML is now more simpler then before and there are number of improvements in it like New doctype definition; The “type” attribute of elements such as <link> or <script> are now  optional; The syntax constraints that have been relaxed; New structural

HTML5 – An Introduction

HTML5 is the fifth version and latest standard from W3C. It is not just confined to a mark up language, infact HTML5 is the combination of HTML5 elements, CSS3 style and JavaScript animations. It has many new features which provide not only media support but also enhance support for creating web applications that can interact