SRS – Server Side Code Part 1

“A classroom response system (sometimes called a personal response system, student response system, or audience response system) is a set of hardware and software that facilitates teaching activities such as the following. A teacher poses a multiple-choice question to his or her students via an overhead or computer projector.
Each student submits an answer to the question using a handheld transmitter (a “clicker”) that beams a radio-frequency signal to a receiver attached to the teacher’s computer. Software on the teacher’s computer collects the students’ answers and produces a bar chart showing how many students chose each of the answer choices.
The teacher makes “on the fly” instructional choices in response to the bar chart by, for example, leading students in a discussion of the merits of each answer choice or asking students to discuss the question in small groups.” This text is taken from Vanderbilt University official website. Read More from here

Student Response system are getting popularity for in class assessment. Its easy to analyze and ensure student involvement in class room activities. Idea behind such application is to provide easy platform to answer a question posed by class teacher. Student can install android app and connect with teacher computer (all devices must be on same network ) via local network. Teacher side application displays server local IP address and port number. Student can connect via ip address by adding in mobile application. Once connected with server, teacher posed question will be transferred on student devices with multiple choices. Student response recorded on teacher side machine called server machine. Later teacher can visualize results.

We posted code in four different articles. You can read and obtain code from links given below :-
SRS – Server Side Code 1
SRS- Server Side Code Part2
SRS – Server Side Code Part 3
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Student Response System – Connection Manager Class

Student Response System – GUI Designed using netbeans GUI Editor

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