SepiaToned and Posterized Pictures

Make a Sepia Toned Picture

We have discussed a lot about color changing and altering pictures. Let’s start with bit more sophisticated color swapping. We can look for a range of colors and can replace them with some other colors or computed values of original colors. Results are very interesting.

For example, Older prints sometimes have a yellowish tint to them. We could just do an overall color change, but the end result isn’t aesthetically pleasing. By looking for different kinds of colorhighlights, middle ranges, and shadowsand treating them differently, we can get a better effect.

Steps involved to convert picture are :

  • Convert Picture to grey
  • Look low, middle and high ranges of the color and change them seperately
  • set the manipulated colors to current pixel

Posterizing is a procedure of changing over a photo to a littler number of hues. Will do that by searching for particular scopes of shading, then setting the shading to one esteem in that range.