Manipulating Pictures in Java- II

In my previous article, i discussed DigitalPicture Interface and SimplePicture class. Today we are going to write MyPicture class that inherits from SimplePicture class and allows us to add functionality of MyPicture class.

Now, we implemented constructors and toString method. To manipulate picture, create MyPicture object. In above program, FileChooser is used to pick a file. File name is stored as a string and later passed to new MyPicture(fileName); to create a MyPicture object of a selected picture. pic.explore() method of super class is used to show the selected picture in a JFrame. In next example, an additional method is added in MyPicture class. In coming articles, methods to manipulate picture such as adjust color to black, lightenPicture color and decrease red will be discussed. Here is an example to set all pixel colors to black. Simply i added adjustToBlack() method in MyPicture class.

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