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Convert Hex to Dec and Dec to Hex

Convert from Decimal to Hexadecimal [crayon-5c676303165f9434438755/] Convert from Hexadecimal to Decimal [crayon-5c6763031660c520830684/]

Reading data from multiple COM serial ports part II

Remain part of reading data from multiple serial ports is as follows. Handler.h file [crayon-5c67630317c50310077592/] Handler.cpp class [crayon-5c67630317c68783890133/] Now, create multiple objects of handler class, set configurations and call COMListen method to read data as example given below. [crayon-5c67630317c7c152989110/]

Reading data from multiple COM serial ports part I

I downloaded CSerialCom.cpp class from following link – A Simple Class for Implementing Serial Communication in Win-9X/2000 and modified it as follow to handle multiple communication ports. Here is SerialCom.h header file. [crayon-5c67630318a47266530459/] SerialCom.cpp : implementation file is here [crayon-5c67630318a58546252650/]

Configure MinGW, Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers and OpenCV 2.4.10

I spent few days to find suitable tutorial with complete information, how to configure OpenCV 2.4.10 with eclipse. New versions do not give pre-compiled binaries whereas OpenCV has support for JAVA and other languages. But it was developed in C++ and there are many ready made codes available in C/C++. Basically research community is still