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What is PhD about and what skill a good PhD should hold?

What is PhD about? PhD is the postgraduate academic degree involving three or more years of extensive and novel research on a specific topic/area. The curriculum, rules and regulations of awarding PhD degree vary from country to country, university to university and from discipline to discipline. For successful completion of PhD, the student must have

Stage or Commit and clone an existing project using Git

What is Git? Git is a fast distributed revision control system. What is in this article? This article is designed to be understandable by windows user or someone with basic UNIX command-line skills, but no previous knowledge of Git. It’s an introductory video which elaborate the basic commands of Git.  Repositories and branches and exploring

Get rid from DNSUnlocker Malware

I tried many softwares such as AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes, and Hitman Pro, windows defender, populare adds blocker softwares etc. to get rid from DNSUnlocker malware. Unfortunately after some time, adds and popups problem back. Finally, i stopped trying different softwares and start searching alternative way to get rid from DNSUnlocker malware. Here are the steps, i

Popular Crowd and activity datasets

Crowd Datatsets QMUL junction dataset Mall crowd counting dataset ICG multi camera datasets ICG multi camera and virtual PTZ People in WBCN SDHA 2010 contest  BIWI pedestrain BIWI walking pedestrian PSU HUB  Activity Datasets TST fall detection dataset Volley ball activity recognition dataset 50 Salads activity dataset QMUL traffic junction dataset Description of human activity

Popular Pedestrian Detection Datasets

I was working on a project for human detection. I spent couple of hours to find suitbale datasets and sahring most popular and useful datasets one can use in for further experiments. INRIA Person Dataset Caltech Pedestrian Detection Benchmark MIT Pedestrian Dataset UJ Pedestrian Dataset for human detection Daimler Pedestrian Classification Benchmark Dataset CASIA Gait

Launch of Thinking Web

Welcome to This site has been launched to help community. We will be sharing our experience of number of technologies like PHP, MySql, Node Js, MongoDB, Yii Framework, Mobile Apps Development and Graphics. Our aim is to help and share. If you have some suggestion regarding the site or want to read some tutorial